Friday, November 7, 2008

24 Hour Emergency Squirrel Removal or Control

Squirrels can be considered adorable, but when they start chewing up your home and nesting in your attic space, Robb Russell, The Wildlife Pro is here to help. The Wildlife Pro specializes in 24 hour emergency squirrel removal services in the entire North central Florida Region- Live Oak, Jasper, White Springs, McClenny, Orange Park,Keystone Heights, Starke, Waldo, Hawthorne, Gainseville, Ocala, Newberry, Trenton, Chiefland, High Springs, Alachua, Branford, Fort White, Mayo, Brooker , Lake Butler and the remainder of the North Central Florida region.

It's the season for squirrels in the North Central Florida and they are not hibernating. It is important to take prompt removal action to assure that your home and property are not destroyed by chewing squirrels and that you family isn't exposed to diseases.

Squirrels like to nest inside the eaves and attics of homes and commercial properties when left alone, they can be quite destructive. Squirrels are difficult to eradicate once established. They will return year after year to the same location for nesting. To remove them, you will need professional experienced service from Robb Russell, The Wildlife Pro, your squirrel removal experts.

We Provide These Squirrel Control Services:

24 Hour Emergency Squirrel Removal
Humane Squirrel Trapping
Quick Squirrel Removal Services

Contact me through my call center 1-800-714-8727.

Robb Russell
The Wildlife Pro


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Do you know anyone that can help with squirrel removal in St Louis?

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